Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bieber Song

Bieber Bieber, you're so fly
All the young honeys checkin out your behind
When the girls at your show start screamin your name
Thank the little baby Jesus for your fortune and fame

Verse two, I got a question for you
How many ppl does it take to make a perfect hairdo
While you're rockin the mic, not a hair out of place
Make the girlies go 'unh' the way it hugs your face


Tell me Bieber, what's it like up north
Do those Canadian girls like to soak the cork
Do they wear fuzzy underwear to match their boots
Are you diggin through a jungle just to get some !!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Man tries to trade infant for beer, or crack cocaine, at gas station mini-mart Read more:

BY Lauren Johnston

Tuesday, May 18th 2010, 2:07 PM

"Here's who won't be winning a "Father of the Year" award in 2010: the Massachusetts man who tried to trade his 3-month-old daughter for beer or crack at a gas station.

Matthew Brace, 24, of Northampton reportedly tried to hand over his infant in exchange for "two 40s," a slang expression that can refer to 40-ounce bottles of beer or crack cocaine.

Chicopee police officers said they were not certain which substance Brace was seeking, according to a report in The Republican.

Police Chief John Ferraro Jr., who called the stunt, "a new low," told the newspaper that when a convenience mart clerk asked Brace and his girlfriend the baby's age, the derelict dad replied, "For two 40s you can have her."

State child welfare services later took the baby into custody.

Brace was not arrested but will be summoned to court to face charges of reckless endangerment of a child, police said."

So glad someone is finally putting Massachusetts on the map.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash : Cover of a song by Jess Ross

My friend wrote this song and I loved it so much I recorded my own version of it. I'd say it's the best cover I've ever recorded. Simplicity proved rewarding. Just click that link and enjoy a free download yeah?

Chris Eff - Crash (Jess Ross Cover).mp3

Piled by the door
one layer after another
scarves on top of mittens
and shit I think i'm smitten
by your quirky grin
and the way the snow is melting
off your skin, off your skin
Off your skin, off your skin

I am almost floored
By the way my heart is dancing
circles in my rib cage
and blame my damn coloured face
for giving me away
but thank God that it is burning
through all my fears, all my fears
all my fears, all my fears

Can I crash in your bed
Will you warm my feet
Will you hold my hand inside of yours?
Could you sing me to sleep
Your body's warm
My heart is weaker than I ever thought

We might barely make the rent
We might be poor but we'd be happy
Loose change would be for guitar strings
Money made would go towards the heat
that would keep our bodies warm
in the dark and colder months we'd
be sleeping in, sleeping in
sleeping in, sleeping in

Monday, September 21, 2009