Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Being a YouTube Partner.

As a YouTube partner, you're entitled to a certain percentage of the revenue that YouTube/Google earns by placing advertisements on videos that you choose to monetize. It's been a long process, figuring out how the whole thing works and when I might be getting paid or how much, etc.. but upon signing into Adsense today, I was greeted by this message:

You are scheduled to be sent a payment by the 30th of this month. If you're receiving a standard delivery check, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on your location. If you're using EFT or secured express delivery, your payment should arrive by the 5th of next month.

It's honestly about time. I'm pretty excited to be receiving money for doing something I was going to do anyway. It makes being on YouTube slightly less lame-sounding to people who aren't a part of the community. They will snicker about my being on YouTube, but when I tell them how much money I've made, they sort of change their tune. How much, you ask? Here's what Google tells me:

Balance at end of July $380.92

For making videos on the internet. Someone somewhere likes me enough.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Woman Seeking Photos of Desks.

My dear friend Kelly asked me to take a photo of my desk. I would ask why, but I think we're at a point in our relationship where I've come to feel that sometimes you're just better off not asking. So that's all well and fine but the point is simply that I am not using a desk right now. I'm working on my laptop, which is neatly perched upon a Tama Stagestar Floor Tom. I wonder what she makes of this...

If you want to sing out, sing out.

This is a song that I first heard while watching the film, Harold and Maude. It's a touching and enlightening film about a lonely young outcast who meets an outlandish older woman and delevops a unique romantic relationship. I immediately fell in love with the characters and plot, and certainly Cat Stevens' musical input lended a timeless air to the whole production. This song was at the helm and after scouring Stevens' musical catalogue, realized it had never been released on an album. I continued my search for some time and to my delight, I found the track on a "Best of" compilation and I haven't stopped listening to or loving it since. Here, I decided to lend homage to the track with a barebones acoustic cover. Hope you enjoy:

Monday, August 18, 2008

F*ck it, F*ght it, It's all the same.

When someone asks you what one thing in life you regret the most, is it better to know what that thing is and admit you've learned from it, or to not recall a single thing in life that was so tragic as to hold that place in your mind? I always draw a blank. Either that's a sign of not having lived enough, or a supreme devil-may-care attitude and eyes-on-the-prize ideal. I fuck up, I fix it, so here I am.

"Everybody's talkin' bout the new sound, funny but it's still rock and roll to me."
/reluctant but relevant quotation of Billy Joel