Monday, August 18, 2008

F*ck it, F*ght it, It's all the same.

When someone asks you what one thing in life you regret the most, is it better to know what that thing is and admit you've learned from it, or to not recall a single thing in life that was so tragic as to hold that place in your mind? I always draw a blank. Either that's a sign of not having lived enough, or a supreme devil-may-care attitude and eyes-on-the-prize ideal. I fuck up, I fix it, so here I am.

"Everybody's talkin' bout the new sound, funny but it's still rock and roll to me."
/reluctant but relevant quotation of Billy Joel


cpckrock said...

There is nothing that I really truly regret. If I hadn't done the things I've done, I wouldn't be who I am, would I?

Claudia said...

well hello there

Jennfabulous said...

I completely feel you on this. Dear God, you no idea. xo. And living with Louie dog is not the only way to stay sane... apparently.

Hilary said...

what if what you learned from it was so valuable that you don't actually regret it?