Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fetish Experiment.

In an effort to utilize the internet to my complete advantage, and to further psychoanalyze the people and patterns I've seen, I'm going to film a series of mock (yet authentic-looking) fetish films. They will not be sexual in nature, but will exploit the various more tame fetishes I've encountered across YouTube. Sneezing, Haircut, Foot Fetishes, things of that nature. The more mundane they seem, the better. And I will be searching across YouTube to find the most viewed video related to each fetish, and match the tags. (and monetize, of course.) It's to be an experiment that will not only shine some light on the psychology of fetishism (that sounds important), but hopefully earn me some money as well so I can purchase a Macbook (priorities!)

It's going to be an interesting experiment, and I may even invite others to have guest spots as the anonymous "artist" acting out each particular fetish. We'll see, we'll see. One video for starters, and then perhaps I'll have a better idea of how I will go about all this. Wish me luck.


Kristalyn said...

I think the weirdest request I've gotten on Youtube was from a guy that wanted me to video myself putting on deodorant. But anyways, good luck!

cpckrock said...

I have had people ask me to hiccup, sneeze, show the bottoms of my feet, wear stockings, and clean my hands. Lots of strange people on the internets.

Rosequirk2789 said...

Oh Chris, we all know that this is just an excuse for you to watch fetish videos and call it "research."