Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shit cold freezeburgers.

It's gone from mild and slightly cool to "OMIGOD IF IT GETS ANY COLDER IT'S GONNA GROW INWARD" in two seconds flat. Now I'm no huge advocate of hot weather, there's nothing I hate more than being hot and sweaty and finding no relief. But this cold has sucker punched me like no other. I'm suddenly finding that sleeping in underwear is no longer an option lest I freeze to death. This cold is very much uncool.

BUT! Halloween is almost here, and I just received my costume in the mail. It's the first time I've ever actually purchased a Halloween costume and not just made due with what I could find. I normally wouldn't go to such an extent, but when I saw this costume, well... I felt costume envy, and I figured spending the money would be worth it. If I never wear it again (I will) then I'll just sell it on eBay or auction it off on Ye Old Tube. Who wouldn't want a huge cockroach suit that was worn by the legendary Chris Eff? (insert cricket sounds here)

Lastly, we're having a YouTube Mini-Gathering in Boston on the night of November 1st.. I think Mark (DentonUSA) and Jen (formerly Sullenity) are wanting to do a pub crawl in costume. I'm gonna be perfectly straight and tell you that I probably won't wear this massive cockroach costume to the bars that night. While it would be good for a few laughs, I just couldn't handle the whole bumping into people and swatting them with one of my six arms and .. well, yeah. No.

I think Billi might be spending the weekend with me here too. Tina, why aren't you here? WHY! (We love you) aaaaaaaand that'll do it for this blog. There are other things I could tell but mostly it's the same old life I'm living. Things are good here, I'm in a peaceful place. How about you?


Hanne said...

I have this hat you can borrow.. for those cold days, I'm sure it'll fit you perfectly!

Jase said...

You are the only cock I'll hold and love.

brrrr let's cuddle, it is too cold.

cpckrock said...

I'm almost terrified of the cold now. When I move, I am certain that I will freeze to death. I'll have fingers and toes breaking off and falling to the ground, shattering.

I really really need to buy some winter gear before I move.