Friday, November 14, 2008

TheeCommune gathers and love unfolds.

I spent the last 8+ hours with ColorMeKristen and Heffasaurus (Kristen and Heather, respectively) We drank, we laughed, we cuddled. We personified the ideals we live by, and avoided the simplest consequences of disheartening circumstances. We ignored misfortunes and relished in each others' company. Theecommune would be proud.

There's a whole lot of footage from this night, and you can rest assured that a large portion of it will end up on my YT page for mass consumption. Much of it won't, inquire not. (Mysteriousssss)

I love life like a fat kid loves cake..


LittlePandaExpress said...

waaaahhh i wish i was there that sounded like hawtness of funness!!!

Kristalyn said...

aww looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm jealous of all you people living in New England! Canada is just too far away. :P

Heather Nicole said...

I just remember having a roofie slipped into my apple and the rest is history.

will miss you my friend *clings* <3

Rosequirk2789 said...

Haha, oh no. Can't wait to see the videos.

Hanne said...

Like a fat kid loves cake? That's like a lot.