Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Google Chrome.

Just decided to download Google Chrome and take it for a test drive. YouTube videos have been loading kind of slowly for me lately, and I figured since Google owns YouTube, their browser must handle their videos pretty well. First impression: It's clean, simple, efficient. I feel like I have more space on my screen to view webpages, somehow. Good to see they utilize the same Ctrl+T command as Firefox to open a new tab. It automatically imported all of my bookmarks from Firefox, even the toolbar bookmarks were updated. Nice.

The browsing is definitely a smoother experience. Less time waiting for images to load. I can get to a webpage and scroll to the bottom without finding any missing images, which is a vast difference from when I was using Firefox. For whatever reason, everything felt like it was getting bogged down, so this is refreshing. So far, so good, Google. Only thing I want to change is the color scheme, certainly there must be some way of doing this and I'm about to look into that. But first..

Internet porn test. ttyl!


Hanne said...

I gave up Chrome cause there was no proper way to block ads, but that's probably fixed by now..
Haha.. As a porn browser I suppose it's okay though.

billilovesmargot said...

i think it really shines on the porn sites.