Friday, March 27, 2009

Corporate Conglomerate (F*ck You)

i work all night and day to make a little money
for the corporate conglomerates, say say say
hey corporation heads, now you cap my salary
if you want my loyalty well man that ain't the way

you say 'better to not get paid then fire other folk'
well i don't care bout them, their work ethic's a joke
i bust my ass for you, i deserve the cash i make
your company standards aren't the bible for f*ck's sake

c'mon and give what you owe, i deserve each red cent
four years of my life for you and all i'm paying is my rent
i break my back for you, why don't you bend a rule for me
how can you expect me to be a worthy member of society


you don't care to see the potential benefit
you see my potential, yeah sure, and yet you starve it
i save your ass three times a day you know
if you appreciate it well goddamn it don't show

so i stayed in bed today, you asked if i was sick
i said 'no i'm not well and you're the reason for it'
if i show my face today, well someone's gonna pay
got a fist full of dynamite, i'll blow your ass away (jk lol)

Mars in Furs : Bedroomsong

i don't love noone but you
and this might sound kind of cruel
but if i just aint in the mood
i'll find somebody new

and you say it just aint right
that the life i live's a lie
when you look me in the eye
you know you can't deny it

you're just as confused as me
you got a split identity
and for all of your resentment
babygirl, you admit you love it

cos noone can handle you like me
girl, i commandeer your body
if the lights are on i'll take you twice
you know no other lover will suffice

so you got your flings i know
with the boys from down the road
but them boys done up and froze
when they got you all alone

and the ones that gave their all
well you won't return their call
no matter who the casanova
we both know you'll never fall

cos it's me sleepin in your bed
and it's you baby gives me head
with your hair wrapped around my fist
who else'll love you quite like this

now i know what you all chance
that i'm a portrait of arrogance
let me open your eyes to something
all of those other girls, they mean nothing

though i try my best to feel
well i feel that it's just futile
when the night is said and done
it seems for some, there's only one

Thursday, March 5, 2009