Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Green Eyes

babygirl, hows that bedroom we christened                                      
and that boy that you don't really love
all he wants is those curves of your body
all he don't is all of the above

steady income is the prize that youre winnin
for a sleep that youre losin at night
wonderin if there's somethin you're missin
i cant stand to sit and watch you go blind

had a dream you were sucking on icecubes
smilin at me cross the table we built
sun was shinin, the wind swept your pigtails
and your green eyes, they shone, just for me

been awhile since your smile meant somethin
now a courtesy to those you call friends
while youre peelin the label off your bottle
much too sober to think theres no end

to the misery loves company theory
your brand of misery is nothing like this
loverboy leaves the room and you call me
say you're missin the way that i kiss

but these games never come to fruition
at the end of the night i'm alone
and youve got some boys dick in your mouth
while i sit here and stare at my phone

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